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Netbeans IDE – a new star(t) for PHP developers

Tuesday, December 9th, 2008

Recently Sun Microsystems updated there Netbeans branch of Integrated Development Environment (IDE) software to version 6.5 and introduced native support for PHP for the first time. Historically Netbeans has been first choice for JAVA-decelopers,  but now made the move to the broad pool of PHP developers. How stiff is the competition Eclipse PDT or PHP-Eclipse, the other main open-source free IDE’S, are facing?

Main features of NetBeans:

  • Strong integration with PHP as realtime syntax checking, a PHPDoc implementation, code-autocompletion, which also integrates with used defined classes.
  • Version subcontrol: NetBeans offers support for Subversion, Mercurial en CVS out of the box.
  • Database manipulation tools NetBeans offers native access to  MySQL databasesto create tables, update records etc. No need for phpMyAdmin, although ceretain tasks are faster done with the old favorite management tool.
  • CSS and Javascript integration. Offers Javascript debugging and native support for the prototype, DOJO, MOOTOOLS, and JQUERY libraries.

New features as support for SFTP and frameworks like Drupal or Symfony are coming very soon.

First impression is good: intuitive, reasonable speed and feature rich. CSS, HTML and MYSQL support is better than in Eclipse, although Aptana plugins can help.

Try it out yourself:

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